Superkicking Extreme Rules With a Little Brand Split


On this edition of the Ocho and Ortiz Wrestling Podcast, Ocho and Ortiz preview the upcoming Superkick'd Set It Off show in Toronto; Review WWE Extreme Rules 2016; and talk a little bit about the brand split. We also touch on the release of Cody Rhodes and Eden Styles. We did talk at length about the brand split (about 20-25 minutes); however, I cut it for time. We will post it at some point as a separate mini podcast. Check out our shirts on Whatamaneuver: Check out our website: Follow Us on Soundcloud: Twitter: Facebook: Support Us on: Patreon: Paypal: Support our Friends of the Show (The 6ix Kliq): Holden Albright - Anton Alexiev - Krysies Vs Blut - What A Maneuver! - Mark Muscle- Calvin - Steve - Glen - Domingo did our belt logo, check out his art here: Music: Pump Sting by Kevin MacLeod