Smashing Copyright Without Superkicks


On this episode, Ocho and Ortiz discuss legal troubles between Pabst Blue Ribbon and WWE over a John Cena shirt, and Smash Gold 2K16. We were also going to talk Superkick'd Set It Off, but we ran out of time; so that will be an upcoming episode. We met A BUNCH of the friends of the show over the weekend, so we discussed that as well - check them out by following the links below. Check out our shirts on Whatamaneuver: Check out our website: Follow Us on iTunes: Soundcloud: Twitter: Facebook: Support Us on: Patreon: Paypal: Support our Friends of the Show (The 6ix Kliq): Holden Albright - Anton Alexiev - Krysies Vs Blut - What A Maneuver! - Mark Muscle- Calvin - Steve - Glen - Robb Vanderstoel - Domingo did our belt logo, check out his art here: Music: Pump Sting by Kevin MacLeod