#NotMyPodcast Challenge


Ocho decides to put a spin on the #NotMyYoutube challenge by creating the #NotMyPodcast challenge.

Here are the questions to answer:

1. How do you find out about new podcasts?
2. What's a feature or something about podcasting that you miss?
3. What is your least favourite trend or thing about podcasting?
4. What's the most drastic thing you've done to get plays/followers/subscribers?
5. Do you have any regrets from podcasting?
6. How has your podcast changed over the last year?
7. What do you do to support your favourite podcasters?
8. How do you define success?
9. Are you happy as a podcaster/with your podcast?
10. Why do you make podcasts and how long do you think you'll keep doing it?
11. Has podcasting made your life better or worse?

Want to have your say? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think of the show. Give us a rating to help our podcast grow. We'd also appreciate it if you subscribed to us and share this on social media.

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