Josh Gets Superkick’d Out Of The Podcast By Ocho, King of The 6ix


The Ocho and Ortiz is back in you life! After a 3 week vacation in Atlantic Canada, Ocho returns; however, Ortiz is away, so Ocho's buddy, Wes, fills in. Ocho and Wes run down the Superkick'd King of the 6ix show, which took place in Toronto on July 8, 2016. Additionally, they discuss The Rock, Roman Reigns and women's wrestling companies. Check out our shirts on Whatamaneuver: Check out our website: Follow Us on iTunes: Soundcloud: Twitter: Facebook: Support Us on: Patreon: Paypal: Support our Friends of the Show (The 6ix Kliq): Holden Albright - Anton Alexiev - Krysies Vs Blut - What A Maneuver! - Mark Muscle- Calvin - Steve - Glen - Robb Vanderstoel - Domingo did our belt logo, check out his art here: Music: Pump Sting by Kevin MacLeod