Jock Samson Interview


We recently caught up with Gigolo Jock Samson. Jock talked about making Canada decent for the first time, as well as his opponent at Fall Brawl in Greektown, Gabriel Fuerza. Near the end of the interview, we were fortunate enough to be joined by Jock's tag team partner, Magnum CK. Side note, I fucked up the intro. I meant to call Jock 'The Gentleman Gigolo' but I forgot to add the 'Gigolo' part, which is why he corrects me; I swear, I'm not actually an idiot. Follow Jock and Magnum on Twitter: MegaPlowers Want to have your say? Leave us a comment and let us now what you thought about the WWE product from the last week. Check out our shirts on Whatamaneuver: Check out our website: Follow Us on iTunes: Soundcloud: Twitter: Facebook: Domingo did our belt logo, check out his art here: Music: Pump Sting by Kevin MacLeod